• Secure Window 2008 Server
  • Dual Monitor Workstations
  • Internet connectivity of 16 Mbps
  • Online UPS with backup Power Generator


All The data is password protected in window server environment. The access is provided on Staff Need to Know basis. We place emphasis on security issues because we handle critical and confidential data. Our Policy consists of Physical as well as Network Security at the workplace. The staff is trained to comply with the security policy of the company.

Network & Data Secrity

a) Firewalls installed on server and workstations
b) Corporate Antivirus installed on server and workstations with continuous updating
c) Restricted Access to servers to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the authorized data
d) Access to internet is restricted, tracked and controlled
e) Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan to take care of Data safety in event of disaster
f)  Workstations with disabled media such as floppy drive, pen drive and printers

Physical Security

a) Servers and Data processing workstations rooms are separated/ demarcated
b) Access to Servers and Data processing workstations is restricted to authorized personnel
c) Environment control system to control temperature and humidity

Employee Security

We follow a stringent HR Policy which includes:

a) Educational Qualification verified
b) Reference are checked from previous employer
c) Non-Disclosure Agreement during the period of employment


We follow regular audit programmed on annual basis, wherein the following evaluations are made:

a) Policies and processes both for IS and organization as a whole
b) Local security
c) Network security
d) Vulnerability assessment

The Managing Director, Sunil Khullar, himself is qualified in Information System Audit through The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is very well versed will the security policies.

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