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We help your business grow by taking care of Bookkeeping, Accounting from FL to ME across all Eastern Coast


Our Services include Small Business Accounting, Financial Statements, Reconciliation, Accounts Payable.


Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Yearly Reconciliation Services as per your requirement for Checking, Saving accounts and Paypal Reconciliation.

Accounts Payable

Provides Bulk Accounts Payable Processing Services to Real Estate, Restaurants and other entities which require multiple seats support for A/P Processing.

Collaborative enterprise has become a popular business trend in business environment since several decades. Companies reach outside their boundaries through outsourcing to achieve their goal and get a competitive advantage. A strong control system, increases the level of trust, among the collaborators. This increased trust, can create a positive impact, on the future association among the collaborators. The company can increase the level of achievement through monitoring, cooperation, rewarding, sanctioning, delegating and finally Outsourcing.

  1. Companies can get certain benefits through collaboration like…
    • The In-house employees will be eager to take new challenges and projects.
    • Organization ability and flexibility will improve.
    • Increased Productivity.
    • Company get more competitive advantages.
    • High retention ratio.
  2. Focus on Core Business:
    For most companies, accounting is not the core area. Core competencies that are responsible for growth are competitive advantages, unique selling points, and senior management skills. Any process that not related to business’s core competency should be outsourced by many companies. So, outsourcing accounting gives management time to focus on the business core activity that increases sales and ultimately profitability.
  3. Eliminate the In-House Burden:

Through outsourcing, companies able to eliminate the expenses and time associated with training, recruiting and managing additional staff for accounting. The outsourcing company, which managed by professional accounting team effectively, manages the company’s accounts.

  1. Get Expert Opinion:

The benefit of outsourcing accounting is getting the opinion of business technology experts. These business professionals are experienced to implement the accounting standards. They keep up to date with advance technologies that can give benefit to your business. Outsourced accounting experts devote time and energy to training, ongoing research and technology upgrades, keeping your business in mind.

  1. Operational Efficiency Increased:
    With a combination of automation and integration, the outsourced accounting team will deliver the most financial report. Thus the operational efficiency for your business increases. It speeds up your business process. The automation of the collection and billing process saves expenses and time invoicing.
  2. Strategy for maximizing trust

The company should decide which part of the business they want to outsource. All the specifications should be documented in written contract in detail. The outsourcing company should be aware of what they are going to deliver within what time frame.

  1. Treat the outsource company as a partner:
    Clearly, discuss the project and your company goal with the vendor. You should make everything transparent so that any misinterpretation will not arise when you outsource from abroad. Make sure that the provider makes a fair profit.
  2. Understand the requirement of outsourcing:
    Organization has made a strategy and approach to the outsource company, implement the modules of design, analysis, and mapping. It is beneficial, because when a company understands what they outsource is help them to achieve their future goals; the vendor will also better equipped to deliver required result.
  3. Show patient about results:
    In the initial stage the vendor may take a little time to understand the requirement of your process, so allow that. You should clearly mention about the companies expectation, need, and budget realities. To achieve the desired return on investment assign an experienced project manager.

You can blindly trust on Outsourced Bookkeeping to delegate your accounting and financial routine work from the security point of view. We provide you a high-level security arrangement. Our fair encryption method prevents your confidential business information being retrieved in plain text through hackers. We pay significant attention to the secured network as well. You will get a secured environment with firewalls installed and Antivirus updating.

  1. Outsourcing Bookkeeping is an ideal outsourcing partner for US companies:
    The Unites States has been the leader in outsourcing various business and accounting services. It has been seen that out of all services outsourced globally, US accounts for about 60% or more work to be delegated to outsourcing leaders like India.
    Just Google bit and you will find, among the countries that provide outsourcing services, its India which continues to lead the contest. Notwithstanding with threats coming from new outsourcing hubs springing up around the planet, Indian outsourcing vendors lead the pack.
    Apart from all those, you will get the value for your money picking the professional help of Outsourced Bookkeeping. Outsourced Bookkeeping can reduce the cost outlay of your business. This freed up organization’s internal resources for more mission-critical activities.
  2. Communicate
    You should arrange regular meetings with us (weekly or monthly) to assess progress, review goals, make adjustments and provide feedback. In this way, you can aware of every detail about the project and remove any kind of unpleasant surprises. You have to retain a healthy relationship with the outsourcing company.