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TIN Facilitation/TDS Provisions

View Your Annual Tax Statement (Form 26AS) by PAN Registeration

PAN Registration
Annual Tax Statement (Form 26AS)

TIN facilitates a PAN holder to view its Annual Tax Statement (Form 26AS) online. Form 26AS contains

  • details of tax deducted/collected on behalf of the taxpayer by deductors/collectors
  • advance tax/self assessment tax/regular assessment tax, etc. deposited by the taxpayers (PAN holders)

Steps for viewing Annual Tax Statement

1. Registration of PAN by PAN holder


2. Verification of identity and authorisation by TIN-Facilitation Centre

3. View Annual Tax Statement


Registration & authorization is a one-time activity

Forgot Password

In case the PAN holder has forgotten its password, it can enter a new password by using this option. The system will prompt it to enter its User Id, select the security question and enter the appropriate answer it had provided during registration. TIN central system will verify the question/answer entered with the question/answer entered during registration. On successful verification, the PAN holder will be prompted to change its password. If however, a wrong answer is given multiple times, the User Id will get locked. In order to re-activate the User Id, the PAN holder will have to use the facility of Reset Registration.

Reset Registration

In case the PAN holder has forgotten its User Id, it can use this facility to create a new User Id and Password. The PAN holder will have to access 'Reset Registration' screen and register again. If the PAN holder enters the same User Id and wrong password multiple times, the User Id will get locked. The PAN holder will have to use this facility to activate the User Id.

Registration Fee

TIN-FC will charge Rs.17 (i.e. Rs.15 + service tax) for authorisation of PAN registration request.

1. Registration of PAN by PAN holder

a) The PAN holder should select PAN Registration option from online services menu.

b) PAN Registration screen with following fields will be displayed.

  • PAN: Enter 10-digit alphanumeric PAN allotted by ITD.
  • User Id: Should be alphanumeric and contain minimum six & maximum 11 characters. In case User Id entered already exists, then the user will be prompted to enter another User Id.
  • Password: Should be minimum eight & maximum 14 characters. It should necessarily contain one numeral.
  • Re-type Password: Enter the same password as entered in the Password field.
  • Security Question: Select a question from the drop down menu.
  • Your answer: Enter the secret answer that you can easily remember. This field cannot contain the password.

    In case the PAN holder forgets its password this question/answer will be used by the system to verify the identity of the PAN holder before allowing it to enter a new password.

c) After entering all details, PAN holder should click on 'Submit'.

d) The TIN central system will check the presence of PAN in the PAN database provided by ITD. If PAN is found in the TIN central system and has not been registered earlier, the system will generate a unique 12-digit acknowledgment-cum-receipt. If PAN is not found in the TIN central system/has already been authorised by a TIN-FC, an error message will be displayed.

e) The PAN holder should save and print this acknowledgment-cum-receipt. This registration request has to be authorised by a TIN-FC within 15 calendar days of registration, otherwise, the registration will cease to exist and the PAN holder will have to register online again.


2. Authorisation of PAN by TIN-FC

a) The PAN holder should personally visit a TIN-Facilitation Centre of its choice and present a print out of the acknowledgment-cum-receipt generated onscreen at the time of registration of PAN, along with relevant proofs of identification as follows:

Type of PAN Holder Documents required for verification of identity
Individual Original PAN card along with a photocopy
Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) 1. Original PAN card of HUF along with a photocopy and
2. Original PAN card of Karta of HUF alongwith a photocopy.
Company/Artificial Juridical
Person/Body of
Individuals/Association of
Persons (Trust)/Association of
Persons/Firm/Local Authority
1. Original PAN card of PAN holder along with a photocopy,
2. Authority letter from the PAN holder authorising an individual to
register the PAN on its behalf (the letter should contain the specimen
signature of the authorised individual), and
3. Original PAN card of the authorised individual along with a photocopy.

If the PAN holder is a HUF, the Karta of the HUF should visit the TIN-FC in person and submit the acknowledgement-cum-receipt.

b) After the identity of the PAN holder is verified, the PAN holder should sign in the space provided for signature of PAN holder in the acknowledgment-cum-receipt, in the presence of the TIN-FC.

c) The TIN-FC will visually verify the signature with the signature on the PAN card and thereafter, authorise the registration request online.

3. View Annual Tax Statement

After three working days after authorization of its PAN by TIN-FC, the PAN holder can login to the TIN central system and view Form 26AS.

Date : 2/17/2006 6:30:47 AM

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