Our Services

We help your business grow by taking care of Bookkeeping, Accounting from FL to ME across all Eastern Coast


Our Services include Small Business Accounting, Financial Statements, Reconciliation, Accounts Payable.


Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Yearly Reconciliation Services as per your requirement for Checking, Saving accounts and Paypal Reconciliation.

Accounts Payable

Provides Bulk Accounts Payable Processing Services to Real Estate, Restaurants and other entities which require multiple seats support for A/P Processing.

We all feel overwhelmed at times. Often we face bad days, weeks, and even months. These are all part of life. For some people, the feeling of stress and depression can land them to the suicidal attempt. Different people have different problems in life. Failure on a test, an argument with a parent or a fight with a friend may be a big issue for a child, while a marketer feels utterly deserted and alone due to his business issues. Problems bring people down. Sometimes we feel tense, angry or fearful as things seem out of our control and it is hard to manage. Something like that was going on in my life till I met with my old friend John.

Almost after a decade we met. I can remember those days when both of us were working in an accounting firm. Yes, time flies. Now he is the director and founder of his own company, Tax & Accounting Service Solution.

I often asked myself, how can people climb up so fast in one life. Anyways, again I assure myself thinking that it might be luck.

He was a close friend of mine. As soon as we started a conversation, within the first 15 minute, I spilled out everything, all my business tension, my worries and all.

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