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We help your business grow

Our Services

We help your business grow by taking care of Bookkeeping, Accounting from FL to ME across all Eastern Coast


Our Services include Small Business Accounting, Financial Statements, Reconciliation, Accounts Payable.


Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Yearly Reconciliation Services as per your requirement for Checking, Saving accounts and Paypal Reconciliation.

Accounts Payable

Provides Bulk Accounts Payable Processing Services to Real Estate, Restaurants and other entities which require multiple seats support for A/P Processing.


The advantages of using the outsourced taxation and accounting services of Sunil Khullar InfoTech Management Services Private Limited are:

  • The services are cost-effective being independent of the bookkeeper’s salary, medical benefits, health benefits, taxes, office expenses, equipment, etc.
  • An umbrella of other services are provided in addition to bookkeeping like tax return preparation, accounting, etc.
  • The client is provided well organized financial books, documents, statements and reports.
  • An experienced team of accountants and tax professionals is in the service of the clients.

In short, Sunil Khullar InfoTech Management Services Private Limited provides reliable and efficient services for the success of its clients.

Our Services

Sunil Khullar InfoTech Management Services Private Limited provides a comprehensive range of services to its clients in the United States and Canada. While the standard services are listed below, customized services may also be provided. The standard services include:


Accounting and Bookkeeping services for CPAs; small business which cannot afford a full-time accountant; and individuals

Bank reconciliation on a regular basis

Tax Return Preparation


Operating Statements on a fortnightly or monthly basis

Paypal Reconciliation

Accounts Payable and Receivable Processing

About Us

Sunil Khullar InfoTech Management Services Private Limited is an Indian company providing outsourced Bookkeeping, Accounting and Taxation Services for individuals, businesses and CPAs in the United States at most competitive prices. Contact Us Now to seek our prices.

Quality and timely completion of work is the hall mark of our services which is much appreciated by our North American clients. Our services are competitively priced making them attractive to the CPA Firms, Small Businesses and individuals in North America. Our team is led by the Chartered Accountant, who is well versed in the financial and accounting practices. All of our staff are well qualified and, at least, possess a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

“Sunil is a strong accountant with high integrity. I have worked with Sunil for seven years and during this time he has provided high quality work ranging from bookkeeping to tax returns and financial spreadsheets. Sunil is a pleasure to work with and always delivers a good product on time. Highly recommended.”

Simon Frost

Founding Partner of The American Home, Atlanta, GA

Mr. Sunil Khullar

B.Com., F.C.A., D.I.S.A.

He qualified as a Chartered Accountant at the age of 22 years in 1995 and brings with him rich experience of more than 20 years. He is very well versed with all major accounting and tax software prevalent in North America such as QuickBooks, PeachTree, Quicken, EasyAcct and ProSeries & Turbo Tax. He has set up all the policies for security of data, and timely & qualitative execution of outsourced accounting work received by the company.

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